How We Work

Centralized strategy, decentralized execution

As a decentralized team spread all over the world, the processes we’ve developed work to deliver even greater value to our partners while keeping everyone more connected. Teams we work with immediately recognize how every employee is connected to the team, understands the plan and is able to work with the high level of autonomy from where they feel most comfortable:


All leaders are development experts: Partners don’t need to wait for a strategic decision to be run up or down the flagpole. Everyone in the company has experience developing apps and is able to understand things and make decisions much faster.


Creative problem solving: Everyone must update other team members about their progress, difficulties and dilemmas they are facing. Everyone schedules time every day to answer questions and help others.


Decentralized execution: All meetings with the clients are recorded (unless the client declines) and all team members watch the video within 24 hours. This ensures everyone is updated on centralized strategy while having the flexibility to maximize their individual inputs to the project.

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