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923 Digital started with the mission of helping good companies improve the lives of millions of people.

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Festival Solutions

• Works great Offline: Use the map, see the line-up, get reminders.
• Dynamic map: organizers can update the map in real-time. Visitors can find restrooms, food, charging stations and more.
• Locate your friends: see the location of your Facebook friends at the festival grounds.
• Performer Line-Up & Schedule: organizers can connect the visitors and performers.
• Spotify Integration: browse beautiful artist profiles and instantly play their top tracks.
• Performance Reminders & Public Alerts: organizers can send alerts and promote.

My Tax Bulter

My Tax Butler is an affordable, comprehensive tax and accounting practice management solution that enables practices to use one software application to increase the profitability and productivity of their tax and accounting workflow while also streamlining and increasing the effectiveness of practice operations, including internal and client-facing communications.

Dorel Baby Monitor

We designed a baby monitor application for the prestigious Dorel Industries which manufactures baby products in 100 countries.


XConnect - Hydrofinity's innovative, cloud-based laundry monitoring solution - makes it easy for customers to determine their return on investment. The XConnect box links to the Hydrofinity washing system and provides real-time monitoring on any smartphone, tablet and computer.

How the XCONNECT Portal benefits customers:
- Accurately monitors equipment usage, showing water & electricity consumption
- Graphically displays accurate water savings
- Eliminates paper trails
- Reduces labour costs and downtime by tracking ongoing operations
- Helps identify potential issues before they occur


923 Digital built the mTrack, an industry-leading PPE tracking software for both the fire department and Marken facilities. mTrack helps to make sure the firefighters have their gear decontaminated and inspected professionally, repaired and in perfect condition.

The software handles the entire processing of gear in and out of the facility, through various stations and stages. We have integrated it with the billing and shipping systems, RFID and barcode scanners and developed a robust reporting and forecasting solutions.



Vineteq’s mission is to optimize a vineyard’s spraying processes by utilizing autonomous decision making in an app and web-based solution. Vineteq service acts as an advising unit that prompts vineyard owners, managers, and workers with ways of performing the best spraying techniques and spray inventory management while maintaining full control of their vineyard.

Spray recommendations are based on data from seasonal spray charts, regional weather patterns, precise geographic location, and disease models, to create the optimal spray program for the vineyard.


Suffolk came to us to manage a quad-view dashboard for their construction activities. The video feeds would be displayed at their Corporate HQ and allow executives to see all active construction sites.

All-in-One Marketing Platform

Our team has developed the best tool for network marketers to manage their sales and their teams.

Automatically track all your sales & recruiting activities - from new prospects to signed deals - with reminders when it’s time to follow-up.

Effortlessly manage a team or downline of any size, with detailed analytics so you can monitor everyone’s exact sales activities.

Chat live, share content, run contests, even host interactive webinars - all in one place...keeping your team informed has never been easier.


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