Dorel Baby Monitor

We designed a baby monitor application for the prestigious Dorel Industries which manufactures baby products in 100 countries. Designed for parents who want peace of mind from a reliable WiFi baby monitor, the Safety 1st monitor, lets parents see and hear their baby at any time and from anywhere in crystal clear HD 720p video quality. The product got a Family Choice award in 2018 as well as a Cribsie and rated #2 Best Baby Monitor in 2019.


Our team was hired to introduce concepts, designs, and market research to Dorel's baby product group - Safety 1st. The scope was broad at first, looking into different technologies mothers use in 2014 and discovering what trends existed with new mothers. Our suggestions ranged from baby habit tracking, to photography management and finally to hardware integrated solutions such as baby monitors.


The first baby monitor we designed solved a simple solution of getting a revolutionary listening device onto the market in tandem with the standard camera. The camera of course would record video and sound - but the listening device could be used by the mothers as a standalone device without use of a mobile phone. The application had to support the setup of both devices and more importantly - the simplicity of utilizing a baby monitor from your phone.


The product was released in 2016 and sold in retail stores around the world including Target. The product was reviewed by Business Insider, PCMAG and won a Family Choice Award as well as a Cribsie. It also got the National Parenting Seal of Approval has an average review of 4.5 on iPhone.

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