923 Digital built the mTrack, an industry-leading PPE tracking software for both the fire department and Marken facilities. mTrack helps to make sure the firefighters have their gear decontaminated and inspected professionally, repaired and in perfect condition.

The software handles the entire processing of gear in and out of the facility, through various stations and stages. We have integrated it with the billing and shipping systems, RFID and barcode scanners and developed a robust reporting and forecasting solutions.


Marken is a Personal Protection Equipment Restoration company from Las Vegas, NV and is the only "Triple Certified" vendor serving the Fire Fighters, Military, and other First Responders. Marken specializes in the inspection, cleaning & repair of personal protective ensembles and ensemble elements used for structural, proximity, wildland, technical rescue incidents & emergency medical operations applications.

When Marken acquired two additional locations in Georgia and California all three computed software systems had to be consolidated.

Challenge was that all three systems were built around 20 years ago by three separate vendors all of which went out of business. Three facilities all operated a little bit differently, priced their services, accounted and shipped orders differently. All three systems had decades worth of data on orders, gear, and services performed on them which had to be migrated to the new system.


This was the perfect opportunity to modernize, re-design and develop a completely new system. 923 Digital has partnered with Marken and worked together for almost three years to design, develop and fine-tune a fully integrated platform for Marken operations.

Mobile-Friendly Web Application was implemented and is now used by every employee at the facilities, by the HQ and by Marken customers. Every order is processed from the quote to the shipping stages.

We've integrated barcode readers and RFID scanning stations into the system. Billing integration allowed us to save countless mistakes and man-hours. Shipping can be easily tracked and all labels are now generated and printed by the system. Data from three legacy systems was carefully migrated to the new system.


All Marken facilities are now equipped with state-of-the-art technology and follow a documented ISO 9001 registered Quality Management System (QMS) governing every process of their operation.

Management has full visibility of every order as well as executive-level dashboards and reporting.

Customers love managing gear inventory and maintenance with Marken Tracking and are fully compliant with government regulations. No more calling the facility manager desk as Customers check the status of every piece of gear and have full visibility into Marken's facilities and systems from anywhere even from their Mobile Devices.

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