My Tax Butler

My Tax Butler is an affordable, comprehensive tax and accounting practice management solution that enables practices to use one software application to increase the profitability and productivity of their tax and accounting workflow while also streamlining and increasing the effectiveness of practice operations, including internal and client-facing communications.


The Tax code is a changing, evolving and adapting. Each year the IRS releases a book of rules and regulations which is rivaled in length by the War and Piece and just a few encyclopedias.
Professional Tax Software is very expensive. Tax Season is short. Talent is scarce.

We partnered with the MyTaxButler team to streamline the process of getting all the necessary information gathered and ready, with all supporting documentation, for tax professionals to be filing taxes - not wasting any time.

We had to find a way to collect all the necessary information from the customer to file a return. With no onboarding friction, with full transparency, human touch and from the comfort of their own home. We had to deliver this information to a tax professional, get an assessment, give a quote, get customer signatures then file the return and track the refund.


We have designed and developed a fully integrated platform to enable: seamless communication between everyone involved at every stage of the process; thousands of happy customers to promote the service, smooth frictionless customer onboarding to the system; dynamic questionnaires to adapt to changing tax code; conversational experience to answer the questionnaire on mobile; document storage for audit and backup purposes; integration with any tax software used by the preparer offices; tracking the return filing and refund funding with IRS and more

The platform is while labeled: each tax preparation firm uses its own brand, colors, software, support line, marketing landing pages, etc. Firms can fully manage their own staff, see their performance, get their own reports and analytics.


Tax preparation is not becoming any easier but is, in fact, becoming cheaper to the consumer. MyTaxButler is a platform that connects more clients with trained tax professionals and drives the price of individual preparation down while providing a better quality of service compared to budget alternatives.

Hundreds of Tax offices use the platform serving tens of thousands of customers every season because it's easy, effective and very flexible. One firm adds its own questions while another can go with the baseline questionnaire. One firm integrates it with one Tax Software - others can use something else.

Offices save money not paying for multiple off-the-shelf solutions poorly stitched together. Referral Program - we got it. Landing pages, document checklist, and storage - you bet.

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