XConnect - Hydrofinity's innovative, cloud-based laundry monitoring solution - makes it easy for customers to determine their return on investment. The XConnect box links to the Hydrofinity washing system and provides real-time monitoring on any smartphone, tablet and computer.

How the XCONNECT Portal benefits customers:

  • Accurately monitors equipment usage, showing water & electricity consumption
  • Graphically displays accurate water savings
  • Eliminates paper trails
  • Reduces labour costs and downtime by tracking ongoing operations
  • Helps identify potential issues before they occur


Laundry performance measuring systems of the past did not deliver information in real-time and there was a lag in reporting. In these situations managers did not have Monday's results until Tuesday, when it was more difficult to isolate the reasons why performance either improved or declined that day.


Frederick realized, after years of working in commercial laundry, that the best systems operated both in real-time and delivered specific metrics. In this fashion these systems performed more like a speedometer, showing precisely how much work was being done right now, rather than like a traffic light.

We here at Hydrofinity agree with Frederick - measuring is key for commercial laundry success and reporting systems should deliver meaningful information to managers in real-time. That's why we designed our XConnect system to function like a speedometer and show laundry managers precisely how much savings in water, electricity, and detergent they are gaining (or would gain) by using Hydrofinity washers, all delivered in real-time.


Using XConnect, commercial laundry managers can see for themselves the cost savings of Hydrofinity washers, including reducing water use by up to 80%, heating by up to 50%, and detergent use by up to 50%. This cloud-based system allows managers to put a solid, quantifiable value on the savings experienced.

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