As your customers spend more time on mobile devices, a beautiful, optimized application that works as expected will significantly enhance your brand. As your mobile development partner, we ensure your mobile UX is flawless and engaging and your brand is seeing the full value of your solution.

Since 2013, we have built over 35 mobile applications for 2,000,000 users. Our award winning development team works with you to create native Android and iOS applications that accomplish strategic objectives and exceed user expectations.

Our unique process of Full Transparency Development ensures you are involved and informed throughout the entire project so the needs of your brand are fully met.

Full Transparency

Work alongside us, every step of the way

While you may be used to periodic updates at the end of sprints, we believe in providing visibility throughout the entire development workflow. We create a project management board on for every task that the implementation team will be working on

and give you full access to all the updates. 

A secure app and web page makes it easy to monitor the progress on your app and provide feedback or input directly. also works with your email, so there is no need to login

to the management board if you don’t want. 

Our development plan includes screen designs of the task

to be developed alongside the acceptance criteria for QA

to test its completion. This radical transparency keeps your

vision at the forefront and assures you we are on track.



All-in-One Marketing Platform

All-in-One Marketing Platform

Festival Solutions

Festival Solutions

Why 923 Digital?

We partner with great businesses and funded startups looking for a team of experts with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results on time, on budget and with full transparency. This experience and passion is shared by our global team of passionate innovators, designers and builders across offices in Boston, Kiev and Tel-Aviv.


We focus our attention on products that will be shared by millions of users to help the community and make the world better. Our past work has proven that the best applications are both beautiful, elegant and also feel familiar.



Years of

App Building



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Build a Second Phase with Us

Mobile App Development

Product Lifecycle

Initial Engagement

We start by listening, Understanding your idea, business goals and the market.
This informs our decisions as we design and build your app. Since you are reading this proposal,
we are interested in building your product and this step is complete. Onwards!

Design & Roadmap

Working closely together for about a month we will create new ideas, set short and long term goals, KPIs, and develop the roadmap of your digital product. X-Large projects are split to smaller phases.

UI Wireframes
UX Visual Diagrams

Technical Requirements
Development Timelines


The team lead by the project manager begins to build, test and deploy parts of the solution in series of two week sprints until the project is ready to be delivered according to statement of work agreed upon previously.

Sprint Review
Daily Scrum

Quality Assurance

Sprint Planning
Sign-off & Release

Warranty Period

After your digital product is launched, our maintenance and service team will make sure that your application is functioning properly, free of bugs and ready for the latest OS updates, new screen formats. We analyze the updates from software vendors used in your product to help you plan the smooth operation.

Maintenance & Service

We promise that the product delivered meets the specifications agreed upon and documented during the design and implementation phases. If for any reason, there is a deviation from these specifications, the deviations will be resolved during the warranty period - that is our guarantee.


Sprint Planning

We create sprints that are clear,concise and estimable. Each sprint is broken down into tasks of 2,4,8,16 and 32 hour buckets. Our estimation team includes an Account Manager, QA, Lead Architect, any Developers, and the Project Manager.

Weekly Meetings

We schedule our meetings for Wednesdays - once a week - where we show the progress. Every version of the product released for testing is available for the customer to test alongside our QA. We even have a Live Demo Anthropologist to record the human side of our products.

Development Roadmap

Once the sprints are planned, development commences. The team communicates on a shared board, accessible by the customer, about their challenges, discoverys, issues and successes. Customers can expect to be called on to help solve newly discovered predicaments in real time.


Developers and QA will leave daily updates to their tasks informing what is being worked on. Our products live and breath during our full transparency development cycle allowing the customer to tweak elements after feeling their product on their own device.


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